“If It’s Not Simone [Biles], I’ll Riot”: Gymnastics World Rallies as Paris Olympics 2024 Podcaster Drops Massive Hint.

April 16, 2024

Simone Biles seems to be the apple of the eye for the American fans. While her on-court shenanigans are enough to draw attention, Biles’ have a significant appeal outside of the gymnastics mat as well. This was evident when a video on social media hinting at a possible collaboration with a US gymnast went viral. Noted podcaster, Alex Cooper, shared the video on the official account of ‘Call Her Daddy’.

For the uninitiated, Cooper is the proud host of the podcast and it is one of the top 15 podcasts in the US. Back in 2021, Spotify offered a whopping $60million to make ‘Call Her Daddy’ as their exclusive. Taking her success to a whole new level, Cooper has now joined hands with the Olympics. And the very first teaser has everyone’s attention.

The video uploaded by Cooper opened with the visuals of the US World Champions Center. As the seconds rolled on, the podcast host was seen entering the facility. As she made her way into the gym, several gymnasts could be spotted practising their routines on the mat. While the video did end, the speculations began to surface immediately. Fans quickly connected the gymnastics reference with Simone Biles.

And their perception was not that far-fetched. Recently, Alex Cooper has been roped in for the Paris Olympics 2024. As per reports, the host will be the mainstay of NBC’s ‘Watch With Alex’, an exclusive watch party. Fans tuning in to the show will get to witness exclusive interviews and behind the scene actions of Team USA. According to a report from Variety, this show will cover disciplines such as basketball, soccer, and gymnastics.

After spending quality time with her husband, Jonathan Owens at Hawaii, Biles is all ready for her season debut. The US gymnast queen is slated to kick off her Olympic campaign at the US Classics next month(May 17 & 18). From the looks of it, the latest episode of Cooper surely involves a big name from the gymnastics fraternity. And fans were quick to root for Biles.

Soon after the video came to light, comments began flooding in. More than 500 comments and 2000 shares were garnered at the time of writing the article. And the comment section was flooded with netizens’ valuable reactions.

One of the Instagram user added in excitement that it should only be Simone Biles. They wrote, “SIMONE BILES OR NO ONE” Another fan enthusiastically commented, “if it’s not Simone Biles I’ll riot”. While one user while rooting for Biles could not believe the fact that she might be the next guest. They added, “JONATHAN OWENS WIFE?!?!?!” “On the wall in the last clip it says ” way to go Simone!” Sooooooo”, commented another being quite sure in their mind that it is none other than Simone Biles. Another fan too could not hold back her excitement as her residence is on the same street where Biles’ gym is located. “SIMONE BILES!!!!!❤️ i live on the same street as her gym”, wrote the fan.

From the comments, it’s clearly understandable that the fans did not seem to be ready to accept anyone else other than the gymnastic queen. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below.