During a visit to Scottie Scheffler’s home, it becomes clear that he is far from the stereotypical diva athlete and instead embodies an authentic “down-to-earth” persona.

April 16, 2024

In February of 2022, Golf Digest shared a video profile featuring Scottie Scheffler shortly after his victory at the WM Phoenix Open. Since then, the young golfer has achieved even greater success with an impressive win at that year’s Masters tournament and also claimed his second green jacket in April of 2024.

Scottie Scheffler, who clinched his first major victory at the 2022 Masters and has since bagged another title, now reigns as the unchallenged number one player globally. He is a well-known American sensation to many.

However, for the individuals familiar with Scheffler in Dallas, he is a modest individual who endures teasing from unplanned 11-year-olds at his establishment – Royal Oaks Country Club. He still considers himself fortunate to utilize the “upscale grass” section of the range and has nurtured a lifelong bond with his wife since their high school days.

Golf Digest paid a visit to the 25-year-old Scheffler, his spouse Meredith and acquaintances in this unique home-based footage. The objective was to comprehend why this emerging American prodigy is highly favored by those who are closest to him.