Joe Mazzulla Discusses Celtics’ Identity Heading Into Playoffs

April 15, 2024

Joe Mazzulla Discusses Celtics’ Identity Heading Into PlayoffsIn this story:BOSTON CELTICSJOE MAZZULLANBAOn Sunday, the Boston Celtics picked up a 132-122 win over the Washington Wizards. Boston ends the regular season with a 64-18 record. Per Inside The Celtics, head coach Joe Mazzulla believes his team is entering the playoffs with a distinct identity.”Absolutely. I think there’s a clear identity for that. We know exactly who we are on both sides of the ball… Most important thing heading into a situation is having no expectations.”Mazzulla explained that the path to an NBA championship has looked different for various franchises. “You study teams who were fortunate enough to get to a Finals, if not win it. The road there is always forgotten by the result of winning. It looks different every year. There are teams that have had multiple Game 7s. There is a team that has only lost one game. There’s a team that’s had to come down from 3-2… It takes what it takes.”With the Celtics holding the top seed in the Eastern Conference, their first-round opponent will be determined by the Play-In Tournament.