Camila Giorgi’s father caused an unsettling incident, leading to the umpire calling for assistance in a state of terror. – Blog post

April 15, 2024

The umpire had to call for assistance due to the disturbing behavior of a renowned tennis player’s father during Monday’s match.

Sergio, the father of Camila Giorgi, hurled abusive remarks towards the umpire during the Italian Open game against Sara Sorribes Tormo.

According to several reports, Sergio Giorgi – who is Camila’s coach as well – engaged in multiple arguments with the umpire. The situation grew so tense that the concerned umpire sought help via radio. A video of this call depicts an intense exchange between Sergio and the unnamed official, with her urging for assistance while he glares at her fixedly.

“Can you stay nearby?” inquired the umpire. “Giorgi’s enraged father is here and I would appreciate having someone around.”

Despite reaching the No. 26 spot worldwide, Giorgi’s career has had its ebbs and flows as she failed to break into the highest echelons of her sport. The tenacious athlete is presently placed at No. 86 in global rankings, aged 29 years old.

Sergio has been involved in previous controversies. In 2017, Jelena Ostapenko, the former French Open champion accused him of intentionally distracting her during a match at Wimbledon.

After her victory against Giorgi, Ostapenko stated that she was solely concentrating on playing well and being present on the court. However, right before serving someone began coughing. She believes this behavior is somewhat unsportsmanlike because at such a prestigious event as Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament people should realize the level they are at.