F1 fans left speechless at previously unseen clip of Lewis Hamilton from Singapore GP

April 12, 2024

F1 fans left speechless at previously unseen clip of Lewis Hamilton from Singapore GP

Lewis Hamilton amazed F1 fans as they spotted a clip of the Mercedes driver doing something peculiar midway through the Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton astonished F1 fans in an unseen clip from the Singapore Grand Prix(Image: Getty Images)

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Lewis Hamilton amazed F1 fans with a remarkable moment during the Singapore Grand Prix.

In a viral clip, seven-time world champion Hamilton was seen scratching his nose while chasing down Lando Norris. Despite this distraction, Hamilton secured a podium finish, coming in third place.

The incident occurred on lap 15 when Hamilton temporarily took his left hand off the steering wheel to itch his face and adjust his visor before swiftly returning his focus to the race, all while driving at extremely high speed. The footage from Hamilton’s Driver’s Eye camera captured the unexpected moment, leaving fans in awe.

Social media buzzed with comments about the incident, with one user stating: “Doesn’t matter whatever you’re doing, even driving an F1 car at 220km/h, if you got an itch you just got to scratch it.” Another user described it as “one of the wildest things I have seen in live television.”

One user pointed out that Hamilton also lowered his visor slightly to prevent debris from entering. Another marvelled at the fact that he managed to downshift with the same hand and avoid crashing into a wall.

The Brit’s performance this season has been impressive compared to his previous year’s struggles. The 38-year-old added another 16 points to his overall tally at the Singapore Grand Prix and recorded the fastest lap, reports the Express.

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