5 things noticed from following Tiger Woods for 3 holes at the Masters

April 12, 2024

Tiger Woods has made a return to the Masters this year, with the event only his second of 2024, and the presence of the 15-time major winner is a sight to beholdTiger Woods at the 2024 MastersHe is the most recognised individual on the planet. He is the richest golfer to have ever played the game. And he brings an energy to a golf course quite like no one else.And this year Tiger Woods is back at the Masters. It’s been a tough ride for the 48-year-old over the past couple of years. He nearly lost his leg in a car crash in 2021, he required ankle fusion surgery after withdrawing from the Masters last year, and he’s only played in one event this year – which again he withdrew from.But Augusta National is a second home for Woods. It’s the one tournament he will fight through the pain barrier – which is constant he says – to compete in. And if he makes the cut this year, he will be the first person in tournament history to make 24 in a row.READ MORE: Wyndham Clark opens fire on LIV Golf with brutal jibe after opening Masters roundREAD MORE: Tommy Fleetwood act with Masters fan on Hole 9 sums up British golferMirror Sport is on the ground at Augusta National this year and we decided to follow Woods for a few holes. As difficult as it was to see the living legend among the hundreds of fans desperate to get a glimpse we did manage to notice these five things…The crowd controlWe’re not talking about beefed-up security guards keeping everyone in check. We’re talking about the conductor-like power he has over those watching. As you’d expect, Woods is the most watched of any player on the course and fighting to see every shot perfectly can be an issue. Fans often jump down the fairway to see his next shot or take up a spot near the green to see his approach and putt.But whenever Woods is nearby, the air is different. Fans go deathly quiet when he takes his shot, there’s no nattering at the back you might expect to hear when other players are taking a stroke. When he stepped away from his tee shot at Hole 6, fans gasped. Rather unnecessarily but still.Tiger Woods has complete control over the Masters crowdWhen he approached the green he was greeted with a cheer players would normally receive walking up the 18th while leading on Sunday. You can almost hear the intake of breath as every fan attempts to suck the ball into the hole for a birdie or par. There’s even an awkward silence while he takes his time figuring out the best line – ‘Let the man do his job! ‘