Once again at the Masters, Fred Couples shared his latest update on LIV Golf.

April 11, 2024

Last year in Augusta, Georgia was a memorable time when tensions between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf were high. The disagreement was intense with lawsuits being filed by both sides.

Although an agreement was reached on June 6, it wasn’t until two months later that CNBC brought this to public attention; nobody – not even players from either side – expected its arrival! This left golf fans questioning whether things would escalate during dinner at the Masters Champions event and if food might wind up being thrown around like pimento cheese.

What’s next? Times have changed. The Champions Dinner host this week is playing for a new team, Legion XIII in the LIV expansion. Phil Mickelson has fully regained his social media confidence and Jay Monahan with his top executives are intensely negotiating with LIV to bring some much-needed stability to men’s golfing events.

Couples has been clear about his dislike for LIV Golf and its values. He particularly takes issue with the players who left the PGA Tour to join LIV and their disregard for their former league. Additionally, he finds fault in Saudi Arabia’s funding of LIV, as well as the non-traditional 54-hole format that they employ which lacks cuts after each round. Couples doubts the legitimacy of claims by LIV that it is changing golf on any level; describing them “laughable.”

The Masters champion turned pro golfer Sergio Garcia was called a clown by Couples due to his involvement with rival campaigner Mickelson where both have joined signing up contracts along sworn enemy Tiger Woods. When asked if Phil would ever reconcile with him again being a plot against joining either Metro or PGL Leagues ahead Copa America event this June/July – Additionally speaking out afterwards saying: “Mickleson really lost me… I mean what can you do? You’re dealing [with] some nutbag sometimes…” However His final response suggests there are still feelings lingering towards him

Making his 39th appearance at the Masters this week, Couples – who donned the green jacket in 1992 – is taking it easy as he’s known to do. He recently practiced with another past winner Olazábal and played nine holes on Tuesday morning with Justin Thomas and five-time champion Tiger Woods. When asked about Woods’ game, Couples expressed praise saying “he looks really, really good.” As for his own health concerns regarding a chronically sore back, he mentioned receiving cortisone shots last week before being questioned if his opinion on LIV had changed.

Couples expressed his confusion, stating that he may attend a LIV event to gain deeper understanding. He acknowledged the players’ greatness and comprehended logistical aspects such as driving carts to tees and using shotguns. However, Couples voiced disapproval of negative remarks about the Tour which he has been invested in for 44 years because he believes it is good quality.

Between 1983 and 2003, Couples emerged victorious on Tour a total of fifteen times. His successes led to his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013. However, he holds little regard for the titles that today’s players are striving for each week.

Couples stated that while things can improve, he feels like he may have missed something regarding the LIV tour’s impact on golf. However, he no longer wishes to criticize them and plans to attend their event tonight. Despite this, Couples still enjoys coming to the tournament and finds it amusing when fans declare they are after the green jacket – a feeling he experienced himself at 35 years old as a former champion.

The individuals mentioned by Couples were the 13 players from LIV who were participating in this week’s Masters. On April 3, Garcia posted a picture of the group along with the message “We are keen to win that green jacket”.

Couples opined, “I believe there’s no need to declare your ambitions to others. Ludvig Aberg and Hatton are also competing in this tournament with a desire so fierce that winning the green jacket is on their mind.”

He proclaimed, “Their golf skills are exceptional. I have an immense admiration for DJ and Brooks. As far as their opinion on the LIV tour goes, they don’t seem to express any; instead, they simply focus on playing golf.”

He said, “I don’t want to hear that the LIV Tour is as good as the PGA Tour.”

On Tuesday evening, Jon Rahm will address not only the past champions but also all couples present. As they gather for the Champions Dinner and dine on exquisite food and wine served by Rahm himself from atop the table, he will share his thoughts on what it means to be a part of such an esteemed group. Fred Couples eagerly anticipates this event and looks forward to enjoying great company in a fun-filled atmosphere.

According to Couples, “There are no problems with anyone. Jon Rahm is an outstanding winner of this tournament.”