“I believe I can achieve one more,” said Tiger Woods.

April 11, 2024

Although he has lost his dominance, Tiger Woods continues to possess an unwavering determination and yearning. He sincerely holds onto the belief that he can create a remarkable golfing achievement by winning a sixth Masters green jacket and setting a new record.

Arriving for his latest attempt at victory in the Masters, Woods is experiencing aches all over “every day” after five years since winning his fifth and most unforeseeable title. His goal now is to surpass Jack Nicklaus as the oldest champion ever of this tournament’s 90-year existence.

Before the start of the first major championship on Thursday, Woods expressed his belief that he could secure an additional win if things fell into place.

Woods’ participation in two golf competitions, the Hero World Challenge and opening round of the Genesis Invitational, marks his return to competitive play since withdrawing before round three at last year’s Masters. His rebuilt right ankle was unable to withstand walking through the demanding course.

The individual who has won 15 major titles acknowledges that they are still not physically fit to play more than a few times annually.

However, he reveals that the ankle which was broken in a car accident that occurred in Los Angeles back in 2021 does not trouble him much nowadays.

“He stated that his ankle no longer causes pain because it has fused and is secure in its position, which he is content with.”

Other parts of my body now bear the burden. However, after inserting the rods, it is now stable and functional.

However, the burden of supporting it falls on the back, knee and other areas of the body. Furthermore, enduring extended periods of walking or being upright for an extensive duration is also a challenge.

Every day, I feel a constant ache. Specifically, I desire warm and humid weather because it brings me comfort. Luckily, thunderstorms are approaching which will provide the heat that was lacking last year.

While acknowledging that his 15-year-old son Charlie can now drive the ball further than him, Woods openly admitted that mastering Augusta again this week would not necessarily be dependent on distance.

He said, “Consistency, longevity and a comprehension of how to play this golf course are essential.”

Players in their 50s and 60s often make cuts here, while those in their late 40s have a chance at winning the event due to their understanding of how to play it.

“There is a considerable amount of knowledge involved in comprehending how to play it, but executing the plan still remains essential.”

Although every tee box and green has been modified since my first play, the general layout of rolling terrain with specific angles remains unaltered.

He expressed, “I have a deep affection for golf. It’s been my love since forever. Despite being involved in other sports during my childhood, this particular sport has always had a special place in my heart. My fondness also stems from the thrill of competing.”

Having the love for competition and the game itself intertwined, is one of the key reasons why I have been successful in my career.

I derive immense pleasure from my work – be it logging the time in, preparing for tasks or competing. I relish that adrenaline rush when everything is on fire and there’s a chance to win.