BREAKING NEWS:PGA Tour given compensation orders as Jack Nicklaus tells Jay Monahan he doesn’t want to lie

April 11, 2024

REPORT 😳:PGA Tour given compensation orders as Jack Nicklaus tells Jay Monahan he doesn’t want to lie

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REPORT 😳:PGA Tour given compensation orders as Jack Nicklaus tells Jay Monahan he doesn’t want to lie

Gary Player appeals for unity in the sport – but reckons PGA Tour loyalists have to be compensated for refusing to take the Saudi money

Gary Player has called for PGA Tour loyalists like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods to be compensated in any peace deal with Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

The South African joined fellow legends Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in a call for the sport to re-unite following the establishment of the breakaway league. Tiger Woods met Newcastle chairman and PIF governor Yassir Al-Rumayyan in the Bahamas last month as part of the negotiations.

And LIV chief Greg Norman is at the Masters this week supporting his players. Agreement still has to be reached over how LIV Golf will fit into any new calendar with the PGA Tour and how to keep happy stars who did not defect.

Jon Rahm agreed a deal of up to $600m in December but other players turned down huge pay days. Norman has admitted Woods was offered $700-800m.

Nine-time Major winner Player, now 88, said: “It’s very simple. Anytime in any business whatsoever, not only in the golf business, there’s confrontation, it’s unhealthy. You’ve got to get together and come to a solution. If you cannot – it’s not good.

The public don’t like it, and we as professionals don’t like it, either. But it’s a big problem because they paid all these guys to join the LIV Tour fortunes, I mean, beyond one’s comprehension and the players that were loyal, three of us and others. Now these guys come back and play, I really believe the players, that if they are loyal, should be compensated in some way or another; otherwise, there’s going to be dissension.”

Thirteen LIV players are teeing up at the Masters – the first time they have played against PGA Tour stars since the Open last July. Also speaking at a press conference for the honorary starters at the Masters, 18-time Major winner Nicklaus added: “The best outcome is the best players play against each other all the time.

“That’s what I feel about it. I don’t know how it is going. I don’t want to be privy to it. I talked to Jay not very long ago, and I said: ‘Jay’, I said. ‘Don’t tell me what’s going on because I don’t want to have to lie to the press and people that ask me questions.’

I said: ‘How are you doing?’ He said: ‘We’re doing fine.’ I said: ‘Okay, that’s all I want to know’. If Jay thinks we’re doing fine, we’ll get there, I think we’ll get there. And I certainly hope that happens, the sooner the better.”


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