NBA Power Rankings: 76ers make big leap; judging season success for each team

April 10, 2024

We have hit the final week of the 2023-24 regular season! By Sunday night, we’ll know final statistics, team records, Play-In Tournament matchups and at least two of the playoff series showdowns in each conference. It seems like a good time to answer one question for each team. For the teams with postseason hopes, what would make this season a success? For the teams that fell short of the Play-In Tournament, was this season a success in some way? Are there any silver linings? We’ll answer these questions while flawlessly ranking all 30 teams without a single comment to the contrary.Reminder: The Power Rankings don’t just rank the 30 teams. We divide these teams into tiers, which teams can move in and out of. We currently have the tiers broken into six categories:Eliminated – They’ve been eliminated from the Play-In race.Are they just filling out the Play-In criteria? — They have to get to 10 teams somehow! Play-In Tournament teams or better — They should be in the mix unless something disastrous happens.Playoff teams — Probably don’t have to worry about dropping down to the Play-In Tournament.On the brink of contention — A piece away from us believing they can win the title.Contenders — They are contending for the championship, barring a massive injury.As always, I am sure we will all agree on the placement of all 30 teams, especially your favorite team.Here’s how the Power Rankings work:It’s up to my discretion how the rankings shake out. For some teams, they’ll be hit in the short term. Others will be given the benefit for the long term. Yes, it is entirely subjective.If I have a team ahead of another team, there’s no reason to ask why they’re ranked above the team you like. The answer is pretty simple: I think that team is set up better for success.Yes, I watch the games. And yes, I watch your favorite team.This is supposed to be fun, so let’s have fun.With all that said, let’s dive into Week 25 of The Athletic’s NBA Power Rankings. Stats and records are through Monday’s action.ConferenceTierSearchTier 1 – The Contenders1Boston Celtics1Last RankEASTERNTIER 1 – THE CONTENDERS2Minnesota Timberwolves2Last RankWESTERNTIER 1 – THE CONTENDERS3Denver Nuggets4Last RankWESTERNTIER 1 – THE CONTENDERS4Oklahoma City Thunder3Last RankWESTERNTIER 1 – THE CONTENDERSTier 2 – Brink of Contention5Dallas Mavericks5Last RankWESTERNTIER 2 – BRINK OF CONTENTION6LA Clippers7Last RankWESTERNTIER 2 – BRINK OF CONTENTION7Phoenix Suns10Last RankWESTERNTIER 2 – BRINK OF CONTENTIONTier 3 – Playoff Teams8New Orleans Pelicans6Last RankWESTERNTIER 3 – PLAYOFF TEAMS9Los Angeles Lakers12Last RankWESTERNTIER 3 – PLAYOFF TEAMS10New York Knicks9Last RankEASTERNTIER 3 – PLAYOFF TEAMS11Milwaukee Bucks8Last RankEASTERNTIER 3 – PLAYOFF TEAMSTier 4 – Play-In Tournament Teams Or Better12Philadelphia 76ers21Last RankEASTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER13Sacramento Kings11Last RankWESTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER14Golden State Warriors15Last RankWESTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER15Orlando Magic13Last RankEASTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER16Indiana Pacers14Last RankEASTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER17Miami Heat18Last RankEASTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTER18Cleveland Cavaliers16Last RankEASTERNTIER 4 – PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT TEAMS OR BETTERTier 5 – Are they just filling out the Play-In criteria19Chicago Bulls20Last RankEASTERNTIER 5 – ARE THEY JUST FILLING OUT THE PLAY-IN CRITERIA20Atlanta Hawks19Last RankEASTERNTIER 5 – ARE THEY JUST FILLING OUT THE PLAY-IN CRITERIATier 6 – Eliminated21Houston Rockets17Last RankWESTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED22Brooklyn Nets22Last RankEASTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED23Memphis Grizzlies24Last RankWESTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED24San Antonio Spurs23Last RankWESTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED25Portland Trail Blazers30Last RankWESTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED26Charlotte Hornets27Last RankEASTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED27Toronto Raptors29Last RankEASTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED28Washington Wizards28Last RankEASTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED29Utah Jazz25Last RankWESTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED30Detroit Pistons26Last RankEASTERNTIER 6 – ELIMINATED