Golf fans demand Rory McIlroy penalty for breaking unusual PGA Tour rule

April 9, 2024

Golf fans demand Rory McIlroy penalty for breaking unusual PGA Tour rule

Fans are livid with Rory McIlroy seemingly taking too long during a putt attempt, with some claiming the golf star took longer than 10 seconds to approach his ball before it fell into a hole

Rory McIlroy is in hot water with golf fans after a controversial decision during the first day of the Valero Texas Open.

McIlroy appeared to wait more than 10 seconds before making his putt after leaving the ball hanging on the edge of the hole during his putt attempt. According to USGA Rule 13.3, if any part of the ball goes over the edge of the hole, the golfer is given a “reasonable time” to reach the hole and further You will be given 10 seconds. . The ball is in the hole. Additionally, if the ball hits the hole while waiting, the golfer will be forced to make the previous shot. However, if the ball does not fall within the timeout, it is considered to be at rest. If the ball falls before play, the golfer takes the previous shot, but a one-stroke penalty is added to the score. Many golf fans believe McIlroy should have been fined because he took so long to reach the ball that it appeared he was beating the clock by as much as 10 seconds. “That was 12 seconds,” wrote one fan who saw a clip of McIlroy’s putt. “There’s only 10 seconds left. He would be better off going back and calling a one-shot penalty like he did against Austin Eckrot two weeks ago.

“So, I fully support this ruling (because it’s obvious). But there’s no doubt that Shi Woo did this a few years ago and was told 10 seconds later it was a one-stroke penalty.” another fan wrote.

Overall, many fans noted that it took the golf star more than 10 seconds to reach the ball, with some even claiming the 34-year-old was “cheating.” This time was set as many fans debated how long the ball actually stayed on the lips, and is thought to have been between nine and 15 seconds. Either way, McIlroy hopes to return to the level of competition he knows he can compete at. McIlroy said he met with Tiger Woods’ former coach, Butch Harmon, to get back on track after not playing in the Houston Open or Valspar Championship due to issues with The Players. “I met Butch when I was 14 years old, so we always had a good relationship. If there’s one person I’d go to for a second opinion, it’s him,” McIlroy said. He spoke before the Texas Open. “After The Players, after experiencing the Florida swing and a few misses with the irons, I thought, ‘Obviously something is missing.’

McIlroy added how helpful her conversation with Harmon was because his words “resonated” with her. “He said some words to me that really touched my heart,” the Northern Irishman recalls. “It’s the same thing I tried to do with coach Michael (Bannon), just he said it differently, and maybe that stuck with me a little bit.

“It was a really interesting race and I feel like I did a good job after that. Like I said, it’s a good week to see where this job has taken me.