Nelly Korda’s pursuit of four consecutive victories remains unimpeded, even in match play.

April 7, 2024

Nelly Korda’s dominant performance in the LPGA tour remains unstoppable, as not even a change in format could hinder her progress. The top-ranked player according to Rolex Women’s World Rankings triumphed over her opponents during both quarterfinal and semifinal matches on Saturday, thereby securing a spot at the T-Mobile Match Play final scheduled for Sunday at Shadow Creek. Her opponent will be Leona Maguire who boasts an impressive record with Solheim Cup appearances. Korda aims to achieve what no one has accomplished since 2008 – winning four consecutive titles on the LPGA Tour just like Lorena Ochoa did then.

Korda expressed her enthusiasm for the finals tomorrow and joy in playing golf because match play is immensely exciting. “It’s been a lot of fun,” she said.

The LPGA’s only match-play competition underwent a format alteration this year, shifting from 64-player round-robin arrangements to three rounds of stroke play in Las Vegas. This cut down the initial field of 90 players to just eight who progressed into the weekend’s match play.

After taking a seven-week break from the LPGA following her triumph in the Drive On Championship back in January, Korda managed to secure three consecutive wins. Despite starting off two points behind, she was able to overcome this setback and seize victory at both the Fir Hills Seri Pak Championship as well as the Ford Championship. Nonetheless, on Friday’s round of play where making it into match-play proved crucial, Korda still needed an impressive comeback just to stay alive. In Las Vegas for her first outing there ,the 25-year-old started out ranked twentieth heading into day three.

However, with just four rounds breaking under sixty strokes due partly because of gusts reaching up thirty miles per hour sweeping across that windy afternoon -Korda delivered one such standout performance finishing strong with a scorecard reading sixths place after racking up three-under seventy-nine shots throughout its course: placing herself high atop any notable climb anyone had managed so far!

In the quarterfinals, Korda faced Angel Yin who hailed from Bradenton, Florida. She defeated her Solheim Cup teammate with a score of 3 and 2 in the morning match on Saturday. Later that afternoon, she won against Na Rin An – an LPGA veteran for three years- by clinching victory in the first three holes en route to a decisive 4-and-3 win.

Although Korda is competing in the tour’s match-play event for the first time, she has played against Maguire before. However, it was only as teammates and not in singles matches during Solheim history; hence, Maguire currently holds a record of 3-1-0 against her. Maguire hails from Ireland and attended Duke University on a golf scholarship. Prior to this year’s tournament at Shadow Creek Golf Course where she lost out in the semifinals once again,.Maguires had already participated twice there previously.

According to Maguire, who is 29 years old, she has a significant challenge in front of her. However, she expressed excitement about it since practicing helps players face the world’s best players such as Nelly.

With just one more round to go, Korda could secure a full LPGA western sweep prior to the week-long break leading up to the Chevron Championship. Despite playing 230 holes within three weeks, which included winning a playoff in Palos Verdes Estates and traveling across Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas for her victories; Korda is eager for yet another win before heading back home to Florida – despite feeling excited about it.

“To be honest, tomorrow has got me all fired up,” stated Korda. “Seeing my family again and heading back home are both reasons for excitement, but what I’m really looking forward to is hitting the court for a fantastic match.”