An Imaginable Sequence of Events Occurred in Danielle Collins’ Prior Meeting with Maria Sakkari, Involving the Phrase “Shut Your Mouth”

April 7, 2024

Since starting her run for the title in Miami, Danielle Collins has been displaying a commanding performance. Her excellent form led to winning her first-ever WTA 1000 crown after stunning Elena Rybakina at the finals and she continues to assert dominance in Charleston as well. With an appearance already secured in the semi-finals, fans can anticipate another thrilling match against Maria Sakkari as they recall their previous dramatic matchup.

The Montreal 1000 tournament of 2023 hosted a nail-biting round of 32 game between Danielle Collins and Maria Sakkari. Apart from the players’ fierce competitiveness, an altercation ensued between them that drew fans’ interest.

As Collins secured her lead in both sets, Sakkari’s vexation reached an intolerable level as she recklessly struck the ball out of bounds towards audience seating. Without hesitation, Collins capitalized on this opportunity and confronted Sakkari about her thoughtlessness. “Did you witness that? Are you aware of what just transpired?” yelled Collins whilst highlighting the hazardous action.

Thinking it was trivial, Sakkari chose to stand up for herself and said that the situation could have been overlooked. She argued by saying, “It wasn’t even aimed at anybody. It just lay on the ground.” However, as Collins interjected with a curt command of “Silence,” the discussion dragged on indefinitely.

Sakkari did not back down easily either. Instead, she intensified the argument by questioning, “Why are you making an issue out of this? I didn’t hit anyone with my shot. I simply angled it.” Collins maintained her stance and clarified that Sakkari had indeed struck the ball into the stands which could have potentially caused harm to someone nearby.

Collins emerged as a formidable player with an upbeat mindset, clinching the win at 6-4, 6-4 despite any on-court theatrics. Her strong display underscored her prowess and attitude towards competition.

Danielle Collins is ready to unleash her “inner animal.”

Danielle Collins has displayed remarkable strength in her quest for the Charleston title. With an impressive 6-3, 6-4 win against Belgian challenger Elise Mertens, she continues to dominate. In elaborating on why she remains unbeatable, Collins shares insight into her winning strategy.

Mentioning her source of strength in every match, Collins revealed her fondness for Deff Leopard’s song named “Animal” by stating how it serves as her theme song. Expressing joy over the fact that the track was played at the end of a competition, she shared how playing like an animal is essential to succeed on-court and rock and roll music helps set this tone.