After Jimmy Walker snapped his putter, Rory McIlroy wasted no time in needling him.

April 6, 2024

Despite the possibility of experiencing humiliation without much notice, Jimmy Walker was unfortunately caught by Golf Channel while playing on Friday’s eighth hole during the Valero Texas Open. This event is infrequent in PGA Tour tournaments and to make matters worse, commentary from Rory McIlroy aired at that same time.

At TPC San Antonio, Walker who had previously won the 2016 PGA championship was just a seven-foot putt away from making birdie. However, his ball missed the hole by about two feet on its left side and although he didn’t display any strong emotions, it’s worth noting that he has an explosive temperament. Interestingly enough, while walking towards his ball immediately after missing the shot – putter in hand- with one swift jerk of forceful frustration made visible when putting pressure on said club head…It came off completely! Definitely not recommended to try at home but how does something like this even happen?

McIlroy was in a cheerful demeanor as he featured alongside Smylie Kaufman on the Golf Channel’s “Happy Hour” portion. He had risen up to be among the top contenders and was providing his viewpoint mid-sentence about how wind could have been responsible for affecting his putt when suddenly, he paused abruptly exclaiming “Oh,” twice.

McIlroy promptly responded by stating, “We have all experienced that.”

Kaufman expressed, “I didn’t anticipate the club breaking in two just now. Did you have any expectations, Rohrs?”

McIlroy took the opportunity to playfully tease and jab at Jimmy. “I didn’t expect him to be so strong,” he chuckled.

Despite being on edge due to his poor performance, Walker managed his mistake gracefully by chuckling as he stood holding the shaft in one hand and putter head in the other. It was a crucial moment for him since he hasn’t won any championship after PGA and has limited status this season. At that time, he was five over at the tournament which could lead to missing out on making it past only his second start of this season.

Golf Channel viewers were left disappointed as the crew failed to update them on Walker’s progress during his comeback putt at the eighth hole and throughout the rest of his round. It is worth noting that, according to a 2019 rule change, golfers are now permitted to play with damaged equipment or fix it midway through a game – even if they broke it out of frustration. However, one should remember that clubs cannot be substituted in-case they have incurred damage due to an outburst.

Although we are uncertain about how Walker resolved his predicament, it is likely that he reconstructed the putter since he successfully sank a birdie from 16 feet away on the par-4 ninth hole.

Walker has made an impressive recovery, but it’s possible that Rory’s jab could leave a lasting impact.