During the ceremony, a golf pro made an incredible chip shot by delivering the wedding ring to the groom. It is quite possibly one of the most crucial shots in golfing history.

April 4, 2024

Which chip shot ranks as the most clutch in golf’s history? Was it Tiger Woods’ performance at the 2005 Masters or Tom Watson’s feat at the 1982 U.S. Open? While there are several compelling options, one exceptional moment may have surpassed them all – and surprisingly occurred during a Korean wedding ceremony.

One couple’s wedding ceremony was graced with a remarkable moment that went viral all thanks to the wonders of cell phones and social media. The jaw-dropping feat involved a golf player expertly chipping the wedding ring over to the groom, hitting it right on target.

It’s difficult to imagine a more high-stress scenario than this. A couple’s big day, surrounded by countless guests, with a single piece of jewelry holding the whole event together. The audacity required for such an undertaking is impressive indeed. Nevertheless, it was executed flawlessly – take a look:

Alright, let’s make it clear that he actually chipped a golf ball or an object shaped like one which housed the ring. Nonetheless, his feat was still remarkable. Let’s not forget how theatrical it was when his friend initially putted a regular golf ball towards him using a long putter!

Great performance from both golfers. However, it’s important to note that these two professionals are on the KPGA Tour and attempting this at home is strongly discouraged.

A round of applause to these gentlemen! Also, credits to the bride for allowing such an event. Not only was this one of the most epic shots ever made but it appears that this wedding ceremony must have been among themost enjoyable ones.