Mercedes discusses with Lewis Hamilton’s acrimonious Formula One adversary regarding taking over his position.

April 3, 2024

Between 2010 and 2013, Sebastian Vettel secured four drivers’ championships with Red Bull. There have been discussions held between him and Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff regarding the possibility of taking over for Lewis Hamilton in the future.

Mercedes is on the lookout for a driver to lead them beyond 2025, following Hamilton’s announcement in February that he would be leaving for Ferrari. Vettel, who claimed all four of his drivers’ championships with Red Bull from 2010-2013, concluded his six-year stint at Ferrari and two years with Aston Martin before retiring from F1 towards the end of the eventful 2022 season.

However, the 36-year-old hinted that he may make a comeback in the sport after consulting several team managers across different parts of the paddock.

The German stated to Sky Sports News that he was conversing with Toto, but wasn’t sure if it could be considered part of Mercedes affairs. He mentioned talking to several individuals whom he knew vaguely about diverse matters without specificity. Although the idea regarding Mercedes did occur to him occasionally, it was not his primary focus.

As a parent of three children, my daily life is quite hectic and I tend to have many other thoughts occupying my mind. These could be about various ideas that come up or plans for future events. Recently, I had conversations with several team principals regarding non-racing-related matters as well since there were certain things on my mind at the time. However, nothing has been set in stone yet and everything remains only as mere thoughts without any concrete actions taken so far.

Vettel may be motivated to rejoin the racing circuit if he secures a spot on a prominent team. He acknowledges that Hamilton’s move from Mercedes to Ferrari, following six world championships with the former, took him by surprise.

“Like most of us, I was taken aback,” he expressed. “Nevertheless, it’s thrilling news. He is evidently seeking a fresh challenge and witnessing him sport red attire will be an unusual sight.”

He responded with uncertainty when questioned about his potential debut in the renowned endurance race this year. “I’ve conducted some testing, to gauge how it feels,” he explained. He was intrigued by it as a unique racing discipline that exhibits differences such as different cars and techniques while still being categorized under ‘racing.’

“I have some temptations, but also other interests besides racing that capture my attention,” stated the individual.