Was I robbed?’ – Lewis Hamilton shares latest feelings on losing 2021 title in Abu Dhabi.

April 2, 2024

Lewis Hamilton has now said he is “settled” with the 2021 Abu Dhabi Fabulous Prix, regardless of whether he will “in any case feel it” at whatever point he sees a clasp of the race.

Hamilton was surpassed on the last lap of the time in 2021 by Max Verstappen in a result he depicted over group radio at the time as “controlled”.

Hamilton had driven by far most of the race and, after an accident for Nicholas Latifi drew out the Wellbeing Vehicle, Verstappen pitted for delicate tires and just the lapped vehicles isolating the two driving drivers were permitted to surpass the Security Vehicle, in an obvious break of FIA guidelines.

As opposed to an additional lap being run per the typical method, which would have seen the race end under Wellbeing Vehicle conditions, the Security Vehicle was pulled in for the last lap, leaving Hamilton on utilized hard tires and Verstappen on ideal delicate elastic.

He utilized this for his potential benefit, overwhelming at the Turn 5 barrette and going too far to bring home his most memorable Big showdown in both emotional and disputable style.

Time has now elapsed since that evening in Abu Dhabi, and the Mercedes driver has had the option to ponder how he answered – and he made sense of that having his dad Anthony in the pit path was a snapshot of extraordinary solace.

“Might it be said that i was burglarized? Obviously. All in all, you know the story,” Hamilton let GQ Magazine know when inquired as to whether he believed he was ‘denied’ of an eighth title.

“Yet, I think what was truly gorgeous at that time, which I detract from it, was my father was with me. Also, we’d gone through this enormous crazy thrill ride of coexistence, high points and low points. “Furthermore, the day that it hurt the most, he was there, and the manner in which he raised me was to constantly stand up, keep your head high.

“What’s more, I clearly went to praise Max, and not understanding the effect that that would have, yet in addition I was truly aware of, similar to, there’s a small scale me watching.

“This is the vital turning point of my life. What’s more, I think it truly was. I felt it. I didn’t have any idea about the way things planned to be seen. “I hadn’t, as, pictured it. In any case, I was most certainly aware of: these next 50 meters that I walk is where I tumble to the ground and pass on – or I ascend.

When inquired as to whether he actually ‘focuses’ on the result of that evening at Yas Marina, the seven-time Best on the planet currently takes a commonsense view on things. He answered: “In the event that I see a clasp of it, I actually feel it, yet I’m content with it.”