Lewis Hamilton claims he was apparently robbed of his F1 title as he reveals all about the most controversial race of all time.

April 1, 2024

The British superstar was on the verge of a second crown before a series of unfortunate eventsLewis Hamilton has been told he will not be allowed to play in Las Vegas.

Frank Lewis Hamilton claims he was “probably” robbed of an eighth world championship in 2021 after revealing his scar during the sport’s ultimate title fight.

The British superstar was poised to claim another crown before unfortunate events thwarted his hopes when young contender Max Verstappen hit it with the hat.

The Dutchman has won three laps since race director Michael Mas’ safety car mishandling cost him his job and left Hamilton behind.

And now the 39-year-old is set to swap Mercedes for Ferrari in F1. upcoming season – detailed his most controversial moment.

Speaking to GQ, Hamilton said: Was I kidnapped? Probably You know the story. I still feel it when I see a clip of it. But I’m happy with it.

But what about this moment that I’m taking away, what was really beautiful was that my father was with me.

And we went through this huge roller coaster of life, the ups and downs. And the day it hurt the most, he was there and the way he brought me up was to always stand up, keep my head up.

He added: And obviously I went to congratulate Max and I didn’t feel the impact but I was also very aware that mini-me watches over me.

This is the defining moment of my life. And I think it really was. I felt it. “I didn’t know how it could be seen. I didn’t imagine it. But I was certainly aware that in the next 50 meters, if I walked, I would fall and die – or get up.”.