Sainz to Red Bull or not? Here are the different scenarios

March 31, 2024

With his success in Australia, Carlos Sainz has impressively helped his reasonable worth. Of all the F1 drivers without an agreement for 2025, the Spaniard from Ferrari gives off an impression of being the greatest free specialist.

In the interim, Sainz is now being connected to Mercedes and Aston Martin, while it has for some time been evident that Audi considers him to be the group’s future chief. Red Bull Hustling is likewise referenced as a potential objective, however Sainz is probably not going to pick the Austrians. Here’s the reason.

On the off chance that Sainz in the end finishes paperwork for another group, it will be his fifth boss in F1. The 29-year-old has recently worked for Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, and Toro Rosso.

It seems like an unfathomable length of time prior, however the Spaniard made his F1 introduction with Red Bull’s sister group as a partner of the then-extremely youthful Max Verstappen.Marko had no confidence in SainzHalfway because of a large group of DNFs, Sainz completed 2015 well behind Verstappen in title focuses.

However, Helmut Marko, Red Bull Hustling’s outer consultant, looks past those numbers. That being said, the Austrian saw more future in Verstappen than in Sainz; the previous was before long elevated to the principal group, and Sainz was at last offloaded.

Marko conceded as of late that Sainz has grown fine and dandy before long, yet even now his words didn’t propose that the Spaniard is a competitor for a seat at Red Bull Dashing in 2025.

At any rate, that is the assumption for however long Verstappen is there. The dynamic among Sainz and Verstappen during their time together was – to say the least – muddled. Both were not arguing furiously, but rather better partner connections have existed.

Marko will be hesitant to bring Sainz back in view of that reality alone. The last thing the Austrians need is for the ongoing battle for control off course to be repeated inside the carport. Then again, it additionally appears to be exceptionally far-fetched that Sainz has Red Bull on his rundown of potential objections.

The Spaniard is burnt out on taking on a supporting role without fail, similar to the case as of late behind Charles Leclerc at Ferrari. Regardless of how well Sainz played out, the Scuderia generally favored the Monegasque. The evidence? Sainz was shoved aside for a maturing driver — Lewis Hamilton — and, furthermore, Leclerc was offered a super agreement.

If Sainz somehow happened to sign with Red Bull, he would be aware ahead of time that (once more) a job as second driver is standing by. Offered his ability and rundown of respects, Max Verstappen is coherently indisputably the main inside the group. For Sainz, the pieces remain — monetarily as well.

Rather, Red Bull would choose a good number two who doesn’t cry about his job inside the group. Sergio Perez, for instance.Is it all the way not feasible for Sainz to cruise all over in the RB21 in 2025? Surely not. All that will be unique assuming Max Verstappen chooses to abandon Red Bull’s disturbance and move to Aston Martin or Mercedes.

All things considered, Red Bull will be searching for the best free driver available, thus you rapidly end up with Sainz.The Austrian group without Verstappen is likewise significantly more alluring for the Spaniard.

In addition to the fact that there is more financial plan accessible for pay, however he likewise has a fair opportunity to arise as the group’s most significant resource. Sainz would be insane not to settle on the best group on the F1 matrix all things considered.

So don’t be astounded assuming Sainz grabs the attention soon. Assuming Verstappen stays, Red Bull is likely impossible. In the event that the title holder goes, a re-visitation of his most memorable boss might call.