Leclerc has to acknowledge superiority to Sainz: ‘He was just better’

March 30, 2024

Carlos Sainz won the Australian Fabulous Prix in front of partner Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque driver is still in front of his colleague in the big showdown, yet he personally likewise perceives that it is an instance of moving focuses between the two.

Leclerc recognizes his prevalence over Sainz in the wake of completing second in Melbourne. “Carlos has quite recently been exceptional this end of the week.

It’s been similar to that over the most recent three years where we essentially would show up at one race, and Carlos would be better, and afterward I would push, and afterward I would be better at the following race, and afterward we’ll work on that way.

That is extremely invigorating as a driver to have such a quick colleague and he’s truly been on it starting from the start of the end of the week so congrats to Carlos,” Leclerc said.

Eventual fate of Sainz and Leclerc Leclerc, in contrast to Sainz, doesn’t need to stress over where he will get in the driver’s seat next season.

For sure, the driver with number 16 on the vehicle has marked an extravagant agreement with his ebb and flow business.

It was additionally reported that Lewis Hamilton will be the other driver at Ferrari. So Carlos Sainz actually has no business for the impending Recipe 1 season.

He has been connected to Audi, yet the constructor won’t enter F1 until 2026. So the Spaniard should connect one more year, yet where is the issue.