Red Bull would be a good choice for Alonso, but Mercedes and Wolff are extremely dependent on him.

March 29, 2024

There is a multitude of possibilities available to Fernando Alonso in 2025, which potentially encompasses continuing his association with the Aston Martin team. However, as one of Formula One’s most experienced and respected names on the circuit today, he may end up securing a prime spot once more.

Five years ago, he was no longer a part of Formula 1 and had lost all faith in the sport. He left at the conclusion of 2018 due to unstimulating races on track as well as controversial debates and commotion off it; but let’s not deny that his departure also stemmed from McLaren being absolutely terrible during that period.

Looking ahead to 2024, the situation remains largely unchanged. Max Verstappen continues his winning streak, except when his Red Bull car malfunctions. In fact, drama in the paddock has become an even more prominent aspect of Formula One these days; Drive to Survive on Netflix utilizes it as a means of increasing viewer interest. Nevertheless, McLaren is now far more competitive than before.

Alonso has currently found himself with Aston Martin and is thoroughly relishing in his time there. With an impressive eight podium finishes last season, he was undoubtedly one of the most prominent drivers on the grid besides Verstappen – a consistent winner. Despite being considered older amongst his peers, Alonso’s outstanding performance seems to have earned him consideration for a top team position once again.

2025 will see a certain vacancy at Mercedes as Lewis Hamilton departs for Ferrari, while Red Bull’s secondary driver predicament has been the focus of much discussion. Sergio Perez faced high expectations this season following a lackluster performance in the previous year.

Although Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin expires this year, he has expressed interest in discussing renewal options. Nevertheless, his boss Mike Krack acknowledged that the Formula One star may have alternative offers that are more attractive given his advancing age. Time is certainly of essence for him now.

If Alonso is offered contracts from both top teams, the choice would be obvious. Over the last three seasons, Red Bull has had an overwhelming advantage with their exceptionally fast cars and will most likely maintain this edge through 2025. If Alonso’s goal is to have another chance at winning a third F1 title – which undoubtedly it is–joining Red Bull would be his ideal path towards achieving that dream as they are currently dominating on the grid.

Fans who enjoy dramatics would be in for a treat with the collaboration of Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen through their Red Bull partnership.

There’s no doubt about one thing – Alonso wouldn’t be interested in playing second fiddle to Verstappen. This is a fate that all team-mates who sign up would have to accept. While watching them together would excite F1 fans, it’d end the Spaniard’s amazing career on an unsavory note needlessly.

Red Bull is not interested in finding a competitor for Verstappen, but rather someone who can support him during times when he’s unable to secure wins. Meanwhile, Mercedes considers him an ideal choice; although he would certainly strive to outperform George Russell just as intensely, his inclusion on the team would only be temporary.

Toto Wolff is in search of a proficient driver who can effectively hold the position for some years till their young prodigy Andrea Kimi Antonelli becomes eligible. Amongst their prime contenders, it remains uncertain as to how many would be willing to act as merely temporary options rather than an enduring solution. With Alpine going through a difficult phase, Esteban Ocon may consider seizing this opportunity. However, Carlos Sainz’s exceptional skills and his desire for finding a new home after leaving Ferrari make him too valuable to settle down on such terms.

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Wolff expressed his desire to acquire Verstappen, although there are indications that his position with Red Bull is not as certain due to the current internal conflict. However, it’s important to note that Verstappen has a strong grip on a car that practically secures him championship victories and seems unlikely to depart from such an advantageous situation anytime soon–making ‘dream’ precisely the correct term.

When it appeared that his comrade Helmut Marko might depart, he made a warning saying that he would also leave. Verstappen is known for being true to his word and does not speak without intent in public; thus, this was likely not an idle threat.

It is possible that Red Bull could consider bringing on Alonso in this situation, which would effectively prevent any conflict between potential teammates and allow for Liam Lawson to accumulate crucial F1 experience before being offered a spot at Red Bull. However, given the current improbability of Verstappen’s departure from the team, Mercedes and Wolff are arguably more desperate for someone possessing his abilities.