March 28, 2024

Lewis Hamilton believes the start to F1 2024 being worse than 2009, but adds that seeing the big picture helps him stay calm.

It wasn’t great the start to the year that Hamilton would hope for in his final season with Mercedes.

Through three rounds, he collected eight points to be in 10th place. In fact, he considers it the worst start of his career, even worse than 2009.

I mean, this is the worst start to a season I’ve ever had,” Hamilton told the media. “Oh yeah, sure. And I think it’s worse than 2009.

It is difficult for the spirit, for all the team members, when so much work has been done for everyone during the winter. And we come in excited and motivated and motivated.

And then you… [we go in] ​​with the mindset that you’re going to fight for wins — and of course you’re not. And then you’re like, ‘Okay, maybe another one, third?” No, that is not true. And it goes a little lower. And you just get through.

It’s hard, but I’m still inspired by the people I work with.”They keep going, they push and they show up and that’s the most important thing,” concluded Hamilton, reflecting on the difficulties, but the Briton managed to keep his composure – all thanks to experience and being part of him counting the runs when he moves to Ferrari.

I think that’s exactly [the long shot],” Hamilton said. “I think it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and focus on that one thing. But the bigger picture is definitely… focus on the moment.”And also realize that you can’t control everything.

You know, you’re frustrated because you’re not in control. You can just let go and be in the moment and that’s really what… it’s not great.

I am not satisfied. But I’ll have a good day tomorrow,” Hamilton concluded.The F1 Australian GP was abandoned for Hamilton after a power plant failure.

Analysis is still ongoing as the power plant is still en route to Brixworth. At that point, oil pressure dropped rapidly, making the system off.

At the Grand Prix, Mercedes used a different strategy where they used the soft tire in the first stage, but despite the alternative strategy they didn’t think the Briton would have placed much higher than the others did.

No, the powerplants are back In the safe hands of the guys at Brixworth, whocan figure out where to let go, said James Allison.

All we know is the symptoms at the time, which was a rapid drop in oil pressure, followed by a shutdown of the engine to protect it, because if you know you have such a catastrophic loss, is the best you can do.

The future is to kill it there and then.”And then you don’t just have molten metal. You usually have a pretty clear chain of evidence as to what caused it.

And then you can work better in the future. So we don’t know yet, Brixworth and HPP will soon. And no doubt they will jump as soon as we find out, they will jump with their typical energy to ensure that the risks for any other engine are minimized as much as possible.

We know from the race that his first, that he went well, on those soft tires it never turned into a long run, but the car hung on them pretty well compared to what we’d done before.

He wasn’t really on board. The middle tire long enough before he retired that we have many wise about it says.

But if you just take George’s speed as a benchmark and say Lewis could match that, he would have won by about four points.