After his win, Padraig Harrington marked the occasion by taking a mini joyride in an Aston Martin and delivering the perfect dad joke.

March 26, 2024

The weekend was filled with exciting golf festivities, particularly the heartening victory of Peter Malnati at his second-ever PGA Tour win. Though emotionally poignant and captivating, it unfortunately lacked a miniature Aston Martin which pushes its ranking to second place in comparison.

The source of the festivity was none other than Padraig Harrington, which is not surprising. The golf pro with three major titles and six PGA Tour wins navigated through gusty winds at Newport Beach Country Club to secure a thrilling one-shot triumph in the Hoag Classic tournament. Although his 14-under performance on course was impressive, it paled in comparison to the gleeful episode where he took a spin on an Aston Martin miniature car that brought him true elation.

Normally, after winning an event, the winner dresses up in a stylish coat or raises a trophy high. However, the Irishman decided to have more amusement by taking his award for a ride on wheels across the California course. Harrington made light of his driving skills commenting sarcastically “You saw my driving already on 18” and appeared confused about which direction to take ultimately questioning himself with “Where am I going?”

With a wave to the cameraman, he drives into the sunset while seemingly enjoying himself immensely. Having won numerous majors in his career and anticipated induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame, he understands that it’s crucial to celebrate after accomplishing greatness. Triumphs are scarce; thus, when they occur, one should relish them as much as possible.

“The Paddy Wagon” has been given a name by Jeremy Smith on Instagram, and it’s sure to incite laughter from Harrington. Perhaps this mini Aston Martin would make for an ideal golf cart for him in the future – after all, he has demonstrated his ability to navigate turns with ease. We’re hoping that there will be plenty more puns where that came from!