Christian Horner sets record straight on Max Verstappen after clash with Red Bull engineer

March 25, 2024

Christian Horner leaped to the safeguard of Max Verstappen after the Dutchman was seen conflicting with a Red Bull engineer following his retirement from the Australian Terrific Prix.

Verstappen was hunting a tenth consecutive triumph yet had to tap out after only five laps with smoke surging from the rear of his vehicle.

The 26-year-old was then associated with a cold trade with boss specialist Paul Monaghan in the Red Bull carport prior to raging away from the scene. As part of a verbal rant, GP Blog claims that he referred to the decision to pit while the car was on fire.

Talking after the race, Horner demanded that Verstappen was ‘extremely benevolent’s with his Red Bull partners regardless of seeming to allow his disappointments to bubble over. “Clearly a driver will be disappointed when he escapes a vehicle from a retirement,” expressed Horner on Sky Sports F1.

I believe he has treated the team and all mechanics with kindness. Everyone suffers from it in the same way. It’s an issue of gaining from it. It is remarkable that we have not had a mechanical DNF in the past two years.

Understanding what caused it, learning from it, and moving on are all necessary. Wonderful after three races he’s actually driving the big showdown even with that DNF in any case, as I say, a ton of examples to take from today.”

A back brake disappointment was liable for finishing Verstappen’s race, with the Red Bull man weak to keep the issue from demolishing his expectations of triumph in Melbourne.

He contrasted the involvement in driving with the handbrake on, saying: “We could see some fire when the lights went off.

“The damage continued to worsen as the right rear brake remained engaged. It was basically the same as using the handbrake to drive.

Driving in certain corners was very bizarre. On the off chance that a brake is stuck on it doesn’t help. You could see one brake, the right back brake, stuck on.

The group will examine.” “It looks like the brake was bound on pretty much from the start of the race, and that’s why Max described it as like having a handbrake which caused him to have a couple of moments,” Horner continued, confirming that Verstappen’s brakes were not functioning properly from the beginning. “Obviously, the intensity is endlessly constructing [which caused] the subsequent fire.

We have every one of the pieces back now and we’re going through the harm. We’ll go through and see precisely exact thing caused it.”