Top 10: The drivers with the highest win percentages in F1 history.

March 24, 2024

Estimating the significance of F1 drivers down the ages is a minefield of provisos, reference bullets and special cases. However, win rates can even the odds fairly. Thus, here are the main 10 F1 drivers in light of their Fabulous Prix win rateā€¦

10: Stirling Greenery – 24.24% When you consider that Stirling Moss, one of the greatest figures in motorsport, only won a quarter of the 66 Grands Prix in which he competed, he never won a World Championship.

9: Ayrton Senna, 25.47 percent. The sweetheart of Brazil and a motivation to endless F1 stars of the past, present and future, Ayrton Senna’s significance and misfortune can’t be summarized in measurements.

8: Alain Prost – 25.63% On win percentage, Senna’s bitter rival barely trails him. On the track, the icons of Formula One were frequently too close for comfort, and they all ended up in the same places in history.

7: Jackie Stewart, 27.27 percent Like Prost, Jackie Stewart left F1 with the Big showdown under his arm – deciding to end his vocation at the exceptionally top, matured 34.

6: Michael Schumacher – 29.64% Michael Schumacher was not centered around measurements when he got back to F1 following a three-year break in 2010. He’d previously managed those.

5: Max Verstappen – 29.78% A man quickly ascending to the highest point of all F1’s factual competitor lists, Max Verstappen has been a record-breaker since he originally ventured into a seat matured just 17.

4: Lewis Hamilton – 30.74% Mercedes’ remarkable strength of the half and half time was mercilessly led by Lewis Hamilton, who investigated every possibility as he cleared up many triumphs.

3: Jim Clark – 34.72% Regardless of Hamilton’s standard-setting achievement, he isn’t the preeminent Brit on this rundown. That honor belongs to Jim Clark, a similarly fiercely fast driver who passed away far too soon from the sport.

2: Alberto Ascari – 40.63% Formula 1 only had its third season in 1952. Alberto Ascari, who had been scheduled to drive for Ferrari at the very first Monaco Grand Prix, came to the race as a two-time winner and put together one of the most dominant seasons in F1 history.

1: Juan Manuel Fangio – 47.06% The previously mentioned Jackie Stewart is among the F1 greats of days of old who guarantee Juan Manuel Fangio, not Hamilton or Schumacher, is the absolute best. With a success pace of very nearly a triumph each and every other Excellent Prix, it’s difficult to contend. Simply put, beating Fangio was difficult. A five-time Title holder and twofold sprinter up somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1958, Fangio’s 24 successes from 52 beginnings consumed the principal ten years of F1.