Helmut Marko makes ‘very impressive’ admission in Ferrari Aus GP pace theory.

March 23, 2024

While Red Bull senior counsel Helmut Marko isn’t getting too concerned at this point after Ferrari’s predominant Friday show at the Australian Fabulous Prix, Charles Leclerc’s race run grabbed his eye.

Red Bull went into the Australian GP with all the force in the wake of getting familiar 1-2 completions at the Bahrain and Saudi Bedouin GPs, Max Verstappen in front of Sergio Perez on the two events, however Leclerc has given motivation to accept that Red Bull may not appreciate such a copious stock of space to breathe this break at Albert Park.

Leclerc set the rhythm for FP2 and by some edge, the Ferrari driver 0.4 seconds speedier than P2 finisher Verstappen when the checkered banner showed up.

However, Marko believes that engine modes may account for that margin. “I think Ferrari involved full power in the passing reenactment, we didn’t,” he told Sky Germany.

Having said that, Marko doesn’t think Ferrari poses a threat this weekend in Melbourne at all. With the RB20 excelling in grand prix conditions, Red Bull has made it a habit so far in F1 2024 to grow into a race weekend and ensure that they finish it on top.

Marko, on the other hand, is less certain that Red Bull will be able to pull away from Ferrari’s closest rivals this time around because he found Leclerc’s race simulation on Friday to be “very impressive.”

Marko went on to say, “That’s why I don’t see the gap as critical – but the long run by Leclerc was very impressive.” “Our setup isn’t quite right yet, but the car isn’t bad, even though Leclerc set a pace that means we need to get it right. “As a general rule, you need to say that the field is drawing nearer together.

Leclerc was hoping to monitor idealism, however looking forward to qualifying and the race in Australia, while he actually thinks Red Bull has the edge, he likewise figures this could be Ferrari’s “absolute best” yet at triumph in F1 2024.

Leclerc stated to Sky F1 that “I will say that we are in a better position than the first two races.” “In any case, Red Bull weren’t pushing yet. Therefore, we must wait to see where their potential lies, but I believe they are still ahead.

However, this weekend may be our best chance since the beginning of the season. So far this season, Ferrari has finished on both podiums: Carlos Sainz came in third in Bahrain and Leclerc came in fourth in Saudi Arabia.