Based on their tipping habits, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson appear to have contrasting attitudes towards distributing wealth.

March 23, 2024

A report on golf’s top players’ tipping habits has highlighted a significant contrast between rivals Tiger Woods, who plays in the PGA Tour, and Phil Mickelson of LIV Golf.

It is unsurprising that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have earned ample prize money as two of golf’s most accomplished and successful players.

Despite their comparable winnings, the two have varying tipping styles. Despite leaving the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf in June 2022, six-time major champion Mickelson is presently America’s second-highest earner on that circuit with £75.9 million ($96.6m) in prize money accumulated over time.

After departing from the PGA Tour to join the circuit supported by Saudi Arabia, Mickelson’s earnings have escalated significantly. It is reported that he was offered a staggering amount of £160 million ($200m) as an incentive to sign with Greg Norman and his team.