Sponsors Release, Funny”: Charlie Woods faces golf world’s wrath ahead of AJGA debut

March 22, 2024

Tiger Woods has been missing from the green for more than a month.

After exiting the second round of the Genesis Invitational, the golf great took a short break to take better care of his health.

Despite the cameras, Woods was seen visiting South Carolina with his son Charlie Woods.

TW Legion tweeted that Woods accompanied Woods Jr. in his AJGA debut. Charlie Woods received a sponsor’s exemption to play in the Will Lowery Championship at Carolina Country Club in Sanford.

It is a 54-hole event for boys and girls aged 12-19.This is the 15-year-old golfer’s first outing since qualifying for the Cognizant Classic earlier this year, which attracted a number of suitors.

Fans Regardless, the release of Charlie Woods’ sponsorship did not sit well with many in the golf world. While Woods has always supported his son, the reactions of the golf world seem to be strikingly opposite.

Netizens did not approve of the freedom given to Woods’ son and posted many sarcastic comments about his skills. This time, they questioned whether Charlie Woods should be released.

Netizens despise Charlie Woods ahead of his AJGA debutBeing the son of one of the best golfers has some disadvantages, and people criticize him.

Every move is one of them and Charlie Woods has done that to him many times. This was not uncommon in the golf world.

One fan was absolutely upset that Charlie Woods got a sponsorship exemption from the AJGA and responded that he should be in high school right now.

This user made a sarcastic comment. an upset at Charlie Woods, who was called the “GOAT in waiting.”

They satirically asked if he was the best junior in the country, why did he need a sponsor’s exemption?One viewer couldn’t believe the golfer who applied for a sponsor’s exemption to play in an AJGA event.

They asked, “How do you need the sponsor’s exemption for the AJGA?”This viewer pointed out that Charlie Woods should be playing juniors instead of trying to get into Tour events like he did at the Cognizant Classic.

It was believed , that Charlie Woods hired someone to earn more, then called the release of the sponsor a joke.

They said, “How many kids who are better than Woods are missing because his name is Woods.”

Finally, as security was beefed up at Carolina Country Club for the last time, fans flocked to Charlie Woods. Cognizant Classic qualifier.Charlie Woods will play in the Will Lowery Championship at 21-24. in march While sponsorship exemptions are part of golf, whether Woods Jr. got it unreasonable? Let us know in the comments below..