Lewis Hamilton and George Russell given blunt Toto Wolff order ahead of Australian GP.

March 22, 2024

Mercedes are more joy with their W15 vehicle than its two ancestors, yet at the same time the beginning of the 2024 F1 season has been disappointing with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton battling for pace.

In order to help their Mercedes team dig themselves out of their most recent hole, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been instructed to perform at their absolute best for this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

The start of the new Formula 1 season has once again been disappointing for the Silver Arrows, despite optimism for their W15 car. Despite Hamilton’s eight points, Russell has 18 points to show for his efforts in the first two races. What’s more, the latest race in Saudi Arabia featured a critical shortcoming of the vehicle.

However, team leader Toto Wolff and his subordinates are currently unable to comprehend why their vehicle has such a difficult time turning at high speeds.

More on target running will give the group information which it can use to help recognize and fix the issue.

What’s more, for that to occur, Wolff has cautioned his drivers that they should be in their prime. We’ve been working diligently since Jeddah expanding on the learnings from the initial two races,” the Austrian said. “It’s uplifting to see the potential in the W15 yet there are likewise clear areas of progress, we have looked serious in low and medium-speed corners however fast has been a shortcoming up to this point.

“We have put in a lot of effort to comprehend why our performance has not met our expectations. Further developing that is a significant concentration.

For Melbourne, we hope to make some initial progress, and that work will direct our development in the coming weeks. “It’s perfect to feel the energy and assurance going through the plants as we work to open the capability of the vehicle.

“We left points on the table in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, we started each weekend strongly and ran our usual practice programs, but we were unable to fulfill that initial promise.