Oscar Piastri Secretly Wants To Get Lewis Hamilton Superstar Brad Pitt To Play Him In Hollywood Blockbuster.

March 21, 2024

Oscar Piastri recently revealed that he is getting Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to play him in a biopic. The 60-year-old actor will play a major role in Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming F1 film.

Thanks to his role in the film, Pitt probably has a better understanding of the world of F1. Maybe that’s why Piastri told Tom Clarkson on the latest episode of Beyond the Grid that he would get Pitt to play him.

I don’t know. It has to be Brad Pitt,” Piastri said. laughing Clarkson then mentioned Tom Cruise, to which Piastri replied:Exactly. It’s one of the two.

F1 drivers usually have a hard time finding actors to play because of the uniqueness of their sport.

Most sports have athletes they tend to have well-developed muscles and it’s easier to find actors to play.

But in F1, drivers tend to have lean body mass. Since Brad Pitt also has a thin build, he might be one of the few actors who can play an F1 driver.

When did the Lewis Hamilton movie starring Brad Pitt resume filming?The Lewis Hamilton movie starring Brad Pitt started. last year and they took several shots at actual Grand Prix weekends, including Silverstone.

But filming came to an abrupt halt shortly after the SAG strike in Hollywood. With the strike over, filming of the movie Hamilton will soon resume.

According to veteran F1 photographer Kym Illman, the production team of the untitled F1 movie has decided to shoot more locations than this year’s schedule.

The venues are Hungaroring and Spa-Francorchamps. Meanwhile, Pitt and his team will also visit Japan, Mexico, Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi.

Although Hamilton has been cast as Pitt in his upcoming F1 movie, interestingly, he once punished the 60-year-old and played Michael B. Jordan. play him When Hamilton was asked about the same in an interview last year, he said, “I think Michael B. Jordan would be great.

But Hamilton had good reason to cast Michael B. Jordan in his upcoming F1 movie. In the same interview, the 39-year-old added: “He’s a lot bigger and might not fit in a car. So he might need to lose some weight. But I like his acting.”.