F1 News: Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 Ferrari move ‘easy’ – Ex-driver

March 19, 2024

Ex-Ferrari driver says Lewis Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari will be welcomed, but warns against future team-mate Charles Leclerc.

Ex-Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella has offered Lewis Hamilton reassurance that his move to Ferrari next year will be easy and welcome.

However, with a powerful driver like Charles Leclerc racing alongside him, the Mercedes driver was warned that the journey might not be so easy.

Highlights:Former Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella assures Lewis Hamilton that his move to Ferrari in 2025 will go smoothly, but warns him of stiff competition from Charles Leclerc.

Fisichella, a member of the Ferrari family, expresses confidence in Hamilton’s speedy integration into the team and underlines the importance of Hamilton moving to Ferrari due to his achievements and popularity.

Fisichella highlights the challenge that Hamilton can face against Leclerc and advises him to focus his performance on the favorable positions of Leclerc and signed a permanent position with Ferrari.

He acknowledges the positive atmosphere at Ferrari but stresses that Hamilton must be ready to compete.

As a member of the Ferrari family, Fisichella expressed his belief that Hamilton will quickly feel at home when he officially joins the team in 2025.

Many are eager awaits the seven-time world champion’s move to the iconic Ferrari team, marking a significant moment in the sport due to Hamilton’s remarkable achievement and widespread popularity.

Although moving to Ferrari would be a childhood dream come true. Fisichella warns that Hamilton will have to work immediately after starting, as he could face serious competition from Leclerc, who has signed a multi-year deal with the Maranello outfit.

Speaking to BetIdeas.com, he said:”It will be difficult.”They are two fantastic drivers, two fast drivers, especially in qualifying. Charles is always at the top, he won a lot of pole positions.

Charles [joined] the team a few years ago, so it won’t be easy for Lewis to beat him. I think he has to focus on spending a lot of time in the Maranello factory with the mechanics.

But it’s easy for Lewis to get into the team because the atmosphere at Ferrari is great and the people are so nice, so you feel it straight away you as a member of the family.

As the Ferrari SF-24 has made progress to close the gap with Red Bull’s dominant RB20, it will likely give Hamilton optimism for the upcoming race of the faster car, unlike Mercedes’ 2024 championship, which did not show promising results despite conceptual changes made during the winter break..