Red Bull boss insists Lawson will receive opportunities.

March 17, 2024

Red Bull manager demands Lawson will get potential open doors. Red Bull supervisor Laurent Mekies feels that Liam Lawson is bound to get an open door on the F1 lattice after his amazing showcases last season.

The Kiwi as of late discussed how he is guaranteeing that he is prepared for the following opportunity that comes his direction, and Mekies accepts that it is inevitable until Lawson gets back to the track.

He told the Past the Lattice digital broadcast: “We have exceptionally gifted hold drivers, we are making a move to place him in the vehicle.

He drove in Imola last month with the 2022 vehicle. He will be with us essentially consistently and is driving as far as we’re concerned in the test systems. We are attempting to develop him however much we can. “We are cognizant that it’s disappointing for a driver not to race.

In any case, once more, we are attempting to be the best stage for himself and afterward we will check whether the open door comes.