March 10, 2024

Red Bull squashed the resistance again in Recipe 1’s 2024 Jeddah race, while its off course adventures aren’t sufficient to cost it the best position in another rankings piece.

After every excellent prix in 2024, we’ll currently be positioning each group in view of its race and qualifying exhibitions, in addition to how it fared in the contrastingly complicated political world away from the hustling.

It’s an emotional activity, however one we trust will recount the tale of each season another way, by outlining the mission for every crew considering in all that occurs.

Here is the F1 groups’ positioning for the 2024 Saudi Bedouin GP:


Once more overwhelmed qualifying and the race for the second week straight in the Center East, with Max Verstappen effectively having the proportion of Sergio Perez.

The RB20 basically had the legs on Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari in straight-line ability, with its DRS gains additionally vital to Red Bull’s most recent victory.

Out of control, notwithstanding, the Christian Horner adventure proceeded – taking another curve with the center moving another way to Helmut Marko’s future.

That seems set temporarily, in view of his pre-race remarks. Had that soundness not been impending given Verstappen’s demand Marko’s future laid on his, it might’ve thumped Red Bull down a spot here.


At last disheartening given Ferrari had expected to again edge Red Bull in qualifying, with an unexpected oversteer propensity on new tires harming Leclerc in the Friday night meeting.

He actually edged Perez, yet wasn’t a consider the race as Verstappen aced the beginning and Perez before long struggled by having at first been rebuked.

However, the greater accomplishment was Oliver Bearman taking seventh in Carlos Sainz’s SF-24. Giving his group a twofold focuses finish was an enormous accomplishment, particularly with Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton pushing ahead late on. Sainz’s a medical procedure worked out positively, however the red group appears to have an expert back-up on the off chance that he can’t return for Australia.


Helped here in view of how adjusted and great generally its drivers were – Oscar Piastri edging Norris in qualifying and taking a fine fourth in the race.

Norris almost smeared the group’s joined copybook with his beginning enthusiasm, however he halted in the nick of time in his crate and stayed away from a punishment. Piastri might’ve passed Hamilton quicker, in any case it cost the group minimal given Ferrari was gone for it.

Norris was wicked in winding in front of Hamilton late up, having been not able to stop under the wellbeing vehicle as Piastri did because of McLaren not believing him should lose position in a sluggish super load.


The group felt its race pace was like McLaren and Aston, however that it was scattered by its generally unfortunate qualifying appearing for both George Russell and Hamilton.

Russell beginning ahead implied he remained on the traditional procedure by pitting under the wellbeing vehicle, with Hamilton reflecting Norris in remaining out for similar reasons.

Russell pursued Alonso all race however never drew near to the point of taking action, which might’ve let Mercedes fall down a spot had inconvenience not happened at the green group. Hamilton showed solid speed on the mediums, yet couldn’t find a far beyond Norris when they were at long last on the softs.


This one is about the final product, in light of the fact that subsequent to qualifying where Nico Hulkenberg halted with a fuel framework issue and Kevin Magnussen passed up setting a last coordinated lap in Q2 due to a “timing method mistake”, per a Haas proclamation, things looked hopeless.

However, the race finished emphatically with the group scoring its primary mark of the year.

This was down to playing the conditions well – Hulkenberg acquiring not halting under the security vehicle as well, but rather then staying far from the pack on the grounds that Magnussen held up rivals from Williams, RB and High. Both showed great race pace as well, recommending Haas has gained genuine headway on its 2023 tire stunner.


Aston is astounded that it appears to have traded its true capacity around from 2023 – that it sparkles in qualifying (with Alonso) and is more vulnerable in the race. His passing was magnificent to begin fourth and that prompted a strained yet effective race in holding off Russell’s Mercedes.

However, Aston can’t go any higher due to what happened to its other vehicle – Spear Walk’s AMR24 covered in the Turn 23 obstructions after his initial race crash. The Canadian driver cut the wall at the previous Turn 22 and broke his left-front controlling arm, sending him to the location of his accident. Walk’s chippy radio messages a while later clearly can’t be perfect for camaraderie, in spite of the fact that with the comprehension that crushing a F1 can’t be entertaining.


Wound up close to the focuses with Alex Albon and in front of its common opponents, bar Haas – with others having more regrettable ends of the week generally speaking thus dropping down.

He was lucky to complete the race after Magnussen moved over and edged him towards the Turn 4 wall in the early trades. Worryingly for the blue group, Logan Sargeant wound up last of those that participated in qualifying and was four spots behind his colleague in the race.

Here the pair were both trapped in Magnussen’s strategies to back up the pack, however it by and large was definitely not a solid appearance from the American whom Williams need to see greater improvement from in his subsequent year.


One more group with a more nonpartisan end of the week by and large than some others, all obviously occurring in the shadows of its senior group’s outrage. On target, the early story of the group’s season was solidified with Daniel Ricciardo coming up short on a piece to Yuki Tsuoda in qualifying and thusly missing making it a twofold Q3 appearance.

Tsunoda was outbattled in the race – wrongfully by Magnussen – while Ricciardo turned late on performance.


Contrasted with Bahrain, this was a more sure appearance for Elevated. Be that as it may, it again had the two vehicles out in Q1, which isn’t where a works activity ought to wind up on unadulterated speed.

Renault President Luca de Meo was visiting the area to see what was occurring face to face, which reflects exactly how much tension this group is under. Esteban Ocon was in the main part of the engaging pack during Magnussen’s go-slow period and wound up completing thirteenth.

In any case, the other A524 never truly got rolling, with Pierre Gasly halting on lap four, having detailed a gearbox issue en route to the beginning. He in this way turned into the primary mechanical illness (and generally speaking as well) retirement of F1 2024.


Rewind to seven days prior and Sauber searched in fine structure – long Valtteri Bottas pitstop aside – given its smart Bahrain race methodology requires the noteworthy Zhou Guanyu.

Be that as it may, in Jeddah, Zhou let Sauber somewhere near crashing hard in FP3 and at last missing qualifying, in spite of his mechanics’ amazing appearing to fix the vehicle and get it out as Q1 finished.

In the race, another long pitstop when Zhou was the last to replace tires made it two awful administrations in two 2024 occasions for Sauber, with Bottas being the main driver to stop two times. Essentially it was supported by the news Audi has sped up its full takeover of the group in front of its 2026 F1 section.