F1 LIVE: Max Verstappen prepared to quit Red Bull as McLaren keen to steal driver.

March 9, 2024

In spite of the Saudi Middle Eastern Terrific Prix being not too far off, all the discussion keeps on including Christian Horner and Red Bull.

Helmut Marko is currently additionally at the core of the adventure, with reports asserting that he is the subject of an inner examination connecting with media spills encompassing Horner’s circumstance.

Group head Horner was blamed for unseemly conduct by a now-suspended partner yet has since been gotten free from any bad behavior.

Notwithstanding, a progression of WhatsApp messages being shipped off key F1 figures and news sources implies what is going on stays at the center of attention. On Friday, Motorsport.com then, at that point, revealed that Marko is presently in danger of suspension after this end of the week’s Excellent Prix as Red Bull is examining whether the Austrian counselor penetrated group convention by being engaged with the media spills since Horner’s examination opened up to the world. No end has been arrived at on regardless of whether Marko has been viewed as blameworthy, however numerous at Red Bull – especially Max Verstappen – are observing the circumstance intently.