How ‘MLB The Show’ made fun of the rankings of two Red Sox Hitters

March 8, 2024

The Boston Red Sox rely on Trevor Story and Masanao Yoshida to put together the entire season and play in their lineup.

Ahead of the important 2024 season for both players, Story and Yoshida have been ranked in MLB The Show 24’s premier rankings.

This video game is scheduled to be released on March 15th.

The story had to make some guesses about his performance on the battlefield and in endurance combat. Red Sox players scored 93 and 87 points in each category. 

Story will look to improve his durability after appearing in just 137 games in his first two seasons in Boston.

Story, on the other hand, has maintained his glove skills at a decent level, making eight successful runs in 43 games in the 2023 season.

As for Yoshida, in this game he recorded a total of 92 contacts as a right-handed pitcher and 89 times as a left-handed pitcher, demonstrating his high-quality batting skills. 

Yoshida has certainly reached that level since last season, hitting over 300. in the summer and finishing with a batting average of 289. He finished sixth in Rookie of the Year voting.

The release of this year’s popular game brings us one step closer to Opening Day, when Story and Yoshida expect to make a big impact for the Red Sox.