Cowboys draft: The next Adrian Peterson’ – Audric Estime leaving Notre Dame for Dallas?

March 8, 2024

The Dallas Cowboys are expected to add at least one running back to their roster this offseason.

FRISCO – The Dallas Cowboys need to add at least one running back to their roster this offseason.

What if they selected a player comparable to the legendary Adrian Peterson?

With Tony Pollard and Rico Doodle expected to hit the open market this month when free agency opens on March 13th, Dallas could either bring back big names in free agency or save money and turn to the draft.

There is a possibility of directing.

Most draft experts expect them to select Notre Dame’s Audric Estime in the fourth round, and the Cowboys could be interested in a low-risk, high-reward pick.

Estime ran for a career-high 1,483 yards and 18 touchdowns in his final season at Notre Dame, catching 17 passes for 147 yards.

The New Jersey native declared early for the draft and left Notre Dame with one year of eligibility remaining. When asked this week about comparisons to the NFL, he cited players from Texas.

“I think Adrian Peterson,” Estime said at the combine this week.

“The reason is he’s a big, physical guy and he runs like he has to pay, and that’s how I run. He’s also a guy who backs off a little bit.

It is very light on the feet. It’s early. He can create routes. He can get through defenses, he can do anything.
That’s why I model my game after his.

Estimate: 5 to 11,227. AD was 6-1, 217.
Anything that big is relative. But “big enough” definitely works.

Meanwhile, after meeting the Cowboys, Estim was impressed.
I love theenergy of the Cowboys, Estime said. They are very energetic and have smiles on their faces.

 I’m always a smiley person and they smiled back. This is a team that is soccer experts and knows a lot about soccer.

I’m a guy who always wants to be informed. I believe that this system will allow me to learn every day and demonstrate my abilities to the fullest.