Tiger Woods’ Son Charlie Had A Wild Interaction With Overzealous Fans On The Golf Course.

March 7, 2024

Tiger Woods passed down more than his name to child Charlie — the youngster has likewise acquired his father’s ability for golf.

Woods, a 82-time PGA Visit champion, endured two years figuring out how to be a defensive young lady father after his little girl Sam was brought into the world in 2007, then, at that point, became a kid father when Charlie joined the family in 2009.

While the two children have strolled the fairway on the side of their father, Charlie is the person who has straightforwardly emulated his father’s example by utilizing his swinging abilities on cutthroat greens. In 2020, the two Woods guys combined efforts to play in the PNC Title, a yearly occasion where expert golf players collaborate with their posterity for the opportunity at a prize.

The pair have contended consistently since, completing in runner up in 2021. “It is an astonishing gift to have the option to impart my affection for golf to Charlie and we truly anticipate playing in the PNC Title the entire year,” Tiger imparted to PNC.

At last, however, all children set out on their own way, and Charlie is no special case. While he’s played with his dad, and for his secondary school group, he’s never gone for a performance spot in a PGA Visit occasion.

That all changed when he teed up in Florida in February 2024 at a pre-qualifying competition. While sports lovers guessed what Tiger’s protégé would do, a few much more excited individuals had their own plan: Get as close as conceivable to golf sovereignty.

At the Lost Lake Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, toward the finish of February 2024, Charlie Woods was swinging for a possible spot in a PGA Visit occasion.

This specific round was a pre-qualifier; the youthful golf player would have to complete in the main five, then, at that point, in the best four of the accompanying qualifier round to start at the Perceptive Exemplary in The Palm Sea shores.

Woods shot an excessive number of strokes better than expected, however, and couldn’t progress. What he did, in any case, was draw a ton of consideration, and a few exceptionally overeager fans.

While Woods zeroed in on making shots, observers zeroed in on the way that Tiger Woods’ child was playing a simple few feet from them.

When he arrived at the last part of his 18-opening game, he had a horde of north of 50 chasing after him. Without ropes isolating the fairway from the strolling way, fans attacked the green, crawling increasingly close to Woods as he played golf.

One moved toward him for a signature, a few pursued his ball in the brush, and one confident lady hauled her granddaughter out of school in order to start an affection match.

Toward the finish of his game, The Palm Ocean side Post reports Wood remarked to his caddie, “That was some round, huh?” — despite the fact that it’s muddled whether he was discussing his non-winning score, or the scores of individuals attacking his golf match-up.