Becoming Bills!’ Colin Cowherd compares Celtics’ playoff failures to Buffalo’s drought

March 6, 2024

The Buffalo Bills have a reputation for not making the playoffs despite having a very talented star roster.

Experts made comparisons between sports. The Buffalo Bills have earned that distinction twice.

In the early 1990s, the Bills, the representative team of the past 1000 years, lost four straight Super Bowls, and although they were on the brink of football immortality, they were lost to history.

This time, Buffalo has arguably the most athletic quarterback on the planet and enough talented players around them to win an AFC East title and sweep the early rounds of the division.

But winning a Super Bowl, or even playing in a Super Bowl, remains elusive. The Bills have struggled in the professional playoffs, and their path isn’t going to get easier anytime soon.

With Josh Allen’s contract wreaking havoc on Buffalo’s offseason plans and an aging core that is past its prime, the Bills look a lot like the team they were a decade ago.

In The Herd, Colin Cowherd compared some of Buffalo’s late-season shortcomings to those of the Boston Celtics, arguably the NBA’s best team.
Boston always beats a lot of teams.

We’ve seen Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart or Jrue Holiday destroy teams for three seasons,” Cowherd said. “They led the NBA in goal differential this year, and they led the NBA in goal differential last year.

In 2021, they were second in goal difference. I was going to the final where they were leading, but although I missed, I didn’t get the trophy. They became the Buffalo Bills, sorry.

Buffalo appeared in four Super Bowls, winning a total of 13, 13, 11, and 12 games, respectively. They dominated the regular season and had even more success than Boston in the playoffs.

The Celtics are currently eight games behind the second-best team in the Eastern Conference and six games ahead of every other team in the sport.

However, few have any degree of confidence in their ability to win the championship. As Cowherd points out, we’ve seen this story before in both sports and in both eras.

I’m not doubting Boston by any means, but we’ve been through this before,” Cowherd said. “We’ve seen great Sacramento Kings teams fail to win titles. We’ve seen Hall of Famer Jim Kelly’s great Bills teams fail to win titles.

This Buffalo Bills team doesn’t feel like it’s going to be in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs’ defense is all kids, they’re only going to get better, and they’ve got Mahomes in his prime.

I think Boston feels that way, too. He’s not as good as Denver because there’s no one better than Jokic. ”

Buffalo and Boston will try to overcome adversity, but will have to go back to tradition. These bills are among the failures that allowed the city to win the title it so desperately sought.

Expectations for the current mainstay were high because of the Celtics’ championship experience, but it was in vain.

Both have the star players and playoff experience to help them succeed, but until that ultimately happens, there will always be a level of doubt, as will their regular season ability.