See How the USGA is Helping Golf Courses Save Nearly $2 Billion a Year.

March 5, 2024

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When the professional side of the game gets so much attention, you might be surprised. find out that most of the Gulf economy is related to this country.

Maintaining and improving nearly 14,000 courses and over 30,000 courses worldwide.That may come as no surprise, as each of us values ​​the courses we play on.

The USGA is committed to future-proofing the health of golf courses through the Green Section, which was established in 1920 in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture.

As former USGA president Richard Tufts wrote in 1952, “better grass for less has always been our goal.”But you haven’t seen anything yet.

The USGA is increasing its support for research, spending more than $2 million annually to advance golf course management through the Mike Davis Program.

Davis program research helps courses reduce water, nutrient, pesticide and energy costs, saving the golf course maintenance industry nearly $2 billion annually.

Talk about a return on investment!Started in 1952, our course advice service continues to provide personal and impartial advice on around 600 courses each year and counting. T

he Green Department is also a center of innovation that allows us to expand our reach. Our education team publishes the Green Section Record twice a week to provide professionals and golfers with the latest science-based course maintenance.

We have dramatically expanded our influence to include social media, one of the most followed and influential areas of golf course maintenance.

Last but not least, this year we are introducing the amazing and innovative GS3 ball (“The smartest ball from golf).”). “) to superintendents to measure the strength, smoothness and speed of the fairway, which affects your playing experience more than any other part of the course.

Built on the USGA Deacon app, GS3 and other tools in the works offer the USGA a new and more direct way to support golf’s most valuable asset – our courses.

I have had many great opportunities to participate in the game as I approach my 24th year with the USGA, but the most rewarding has been being on the Green Section team.

It is a great responsibility to be part of a legacy of over 100 years of agricultural expertise that has had such an impact. We are motivated to build on that influence and carry the game of golf well into the next century..