FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem investigated for ‘interfering with F1 race result’.

March 5, 2024

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem investigated for ‘impeding F1 race result’. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the leader of the FIA, is at the focal point of an examination after purportedly slowing down a Formula 1 race result.

Ben Sulayem, top supervisor of engine game’s overseeing body starting around 2022, supposedly interceded to upset a disputable punishment given to Fernando Alonso during last year’s Saudi Arabia Terrific Prix, as per an informant.

The punishment had seen Alonso drop from third spot to fourth. Pulling out it returned him to a platform position to the detriment of Mercedes’ George Russell five hours after the fact.

The case is in a report by a FIA consistence official to its morals board of trustees, seen by the BBC. It’s supposed that Ben Sulayem called Sheik Abdullah receptacle Hamas canister Isa Al Khalifa – a FIA VP who was in Saudi Arabia for the race in an authority limit – and clarified Alonso’s punishment ought to be denied.

Previous title holder Alonso, driving for Aston Martin, had been given a 10-second punishment for work done on his vehicle while serving a past five-second punishment.

Aston Martin were decided to have contradicted the principles by chipping away at his vehicle after Alonso’s vehicle had been moved by the back jack before the full time span had slipped by, in repudiation of F1 rules.

The report, by consistence official Paolo Basarri, says that the informant revealed that Ben Sulayem “imagined the stewards to upset their choice to issue” the punishment to Alonso. In Italian, “pretendere” signifies to require or anticipate.

The morals panel is supposed to require four to about a month and a half to give its report. The defense given by the stewards for upsetting the choice at the time alluded to a conversation that had occurred between the F1 groups and the FIA regarding the matter of dealing with vehicles while serving a punishment in the pits. It said: “We inferred that there was no reasonable understanding, as was recommended to the stewards beforehand, that could be depended upon to establish that gatherings had concurred that a jack contacting a vehicle would add up to dealing with the vehicle.” At that point, article 54.4c) of the brandishing guidelines said: “While a vehicle is fixed in the pit path because of causing a punishment as per Articles 54.3a) or 54.3b) above, it may not be dealt with until the vehicle has been fixed however long the punishment would last.” After the race – following the Alonso circumstance – an extra sentence was added:

“In this unique situation, contacting the vehicle or driver the hard way or apparatuses or gear will all comprise working.