Tiger Woods’ daughter Sam’s dream of reaching the regional final was shattered because of her father’s indifference

February 29, 2024

Due to her father’s lack of interest, Sam Woods was unable to fulfill her goal of making it to the regional final. 

During the year 2018, GOLF.com queried Tiger Woods about whether his children were inclined towards pursuing a career in golf like him. To which he replied, “Not particularly. They have an inclination for soccer.”

After six years, Charlie Woods has captured the attention of the golfing community through his remarkable resemblance to his father’s abilities and conduct.

Meanwhile, Sam Woods has maintained her fervor for soccer as she participated in regional competitions with the Benjamin Buccaneers.

The team’s exceptional season, nevertheless, culminated in heartbreak.

The Class 3A Girls Soccer Regional Finals of the Florida High School Athletics Association were within reach for the teenager and her team, with just one step left to take.

The Benjamin Buccaneers held an impressive 17-0 season record heading into the semifinals, making them the top-ranked team in Class 3A, second-best in Florida and ninth nationally.

It goes without saying that the team had a favorable chance against the King’s Academy Lions, who held an 11-4-2 record. Nonetheless, as soon as February 9 arrived and game began, it was evident that the Lions were more formidable than anticipated.

Even in the absence of their leading player, Lola Hathorne, the Lions showcased remarkable defensive skills. However, Sam Woods’ Buccaneers were not far behind in exhibiting their own expertise. Despite playing till regulation time without any goals scored by either team, an additional 20 minutes of overtime was added to determine a winner. Nevertheless, both teams maintained their position and eventually ended up with a tied score at 0-0 leading towards a penalty shootout looming ahead.

The initial attempt by Sam Woods’ squad was thwarted by the Lions goalkeeper. In turn, when The Lions took their chance at penalty, it too resulted in a block. Following two consecutive successful shots from each team thereafter, the score amounted to 2-2.

When Woods’ team failed to score yet another goal, King’s Academy seized the opportunity and surged ahead with a score of 3-2. All it took was one more successful goal for them to secure their win which they did manage successfully. Regrettably, this also meant that Wood’s unbeaten run ended abruptly as well as their season coming to an end altogether.

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