The Ravens have shed light on their initial significant maneuver of the offseason.

February 29, 2024

Nelson Agholor’s future with the Baltimore Ravens was swiftly resolved, leaving no time for waste.

Last week, the Ravens made public their signing of Agholor to a fresh one-year extension deal.

Had he not been re-signed by Feb. 19, his current agreement with Baltimore would have expired and resulted in $1.668 million being counted as dead money for 2024.

However, thanks to both parties reaching an accord on new terms, Agholor will continue playing for Baltimore beyond this point in time for another year at minimum.

It was an easy task for Ravens’ GM Eric DeCosta to extend Agholor’s contract, given that the seasoned wide receiver had firmly expressed his desire of not leaving Baltimore after just a single season.

During the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine press conference, DeCosta described “Nelly” as a male athlete they recruited last year.

They had performed extensive research on him for years and followed his game since he played at USC. DeCosta personally admired Nelly’s talents and considered him an asset to their team.

According to those who witnessed his skills in action regularly, it was evident that Nelly possessed exceptional qualities that added significant value to their group dynamics.

“I believe he has experienced various environments and can relate to the feeling of being a Baltimore Raven, which is why we are thrilled that he chose to return. Our communication with him allowed us to accomplish this.”

During his maiden season with the Ravens, Agholor made a remarkable impact. With 582 offensive snaps under his belt, he secured third place among all wide receivers on the team.

He impressively accumulated 35 receptions and amassed an impressive sum of 381 receiving yards through playing in all of the regular season’s seventeen games.

DeCosta might continue to make changes at the wide receiver spot, particularly since only five players have commitments for the 2024 season.