Amina’s Journey to Discovery

February 29, 2024

Her life was a symbol of misery and her cheeks grew cracks from the continuous downpour of the Rivers of Babylon from her eyes. The fate of her faith hung dangling on the ropes of uncertainty as she hopelessly trod a path engulfed in misfortune.

Amina, an undergraduate student of Mass Communication, University of Calabar was born into a once peaceful home that lost its peace to circumstances. She had lost her father and two siblings to a ghastly motor accident while still in secondary school. The news of their demise paralysed her mother with partial stroke and turned Amina into an emergency bread winner.

The events of agony never became memory in her as she was a victim of rape by a group of Al-majiri Youth, while trying to make ends meet; an action that sent her into unprepared motherhood in a society disgruntled with indignation for single mothers.

With no sponsor to food her University education, her dream of becoming a journalist was almost shattered. However, after eight years of finishing secondary education, she won a scholarship to further her studies. Yet, her joy was short-lived two years into the programme, as the scholarship was withdrawn; and dropping out became inevitable.

However, her exposure to photo-journalism developed in her, interest for the camera. She began covering events. Fortunately, a baggage of luck confronted her in one of her struggles. She was covering an event and Agba Jalingo, a renounced investigative Journalist was at the occasion. Her expertise in using the camera drew Mr. Jalingo’s attention.

They later linked up and together investigated the “SEX FOR GRADES” Scandal in Nigeria Universities, where Amina worked as an undercover journalist and revealed sterling cases of sexual molestation. Their report drew the attention of the international community; earning her a scholarship abroad, national Honour and a grant of 500 million dollars. She flew her mother overseas for proper medical attention and her story became a reference point and a beacon of hope not just for the black race but for Humanity in general.