After failing to respond to a message from Jon Rahm, Tiger Woods holds the belief that LIV Golf renegades should not be allowed back into PGA Tour.

February 28, 2024

In December, Jon Rahm contacted Tiger Woods upon joining LIV Golf. Despite sending a text message, the PGA Tour icon did not reply to his enquiry.

It will likely bring Jon Rahm satisfaction to learn that the PGA Tour and Tiger Woods are holding talks about a potential return route for LIV Golf stars.

The discussion comes in response to what Rahm experienced, having been ignored by the renowned golfer via text message.

In December of last year, Rahm arguably became the most significant signing from the PGA Tour for LIV. He penned a deal worth a reported £450 million, setting a new record.

Ahead of this week’s event in Jeddah, he discussed his decision to switch and disclosed that he contacted Rory McIlroy and Woods after finalizing negotiations.

McIlroy, his teammate in the Ryder Cup, showed unexpected support for the decision despite being one of LIV’s harshest critics before. However, Woods – a 15-time major champion – did not show similar support.
Rahm informed ESPN that Rory had been publicly and privately supportive of his decision.

However, he did not receive any response from Tiger when he reached out to him via text along with others who tried to contact him during the signing process.

Rahm clarified that it was a personal decision and didn’t hold anything against anyone.

The significance of Woods’ viewpoint holds weight for all golfers, considering he is the most prominent figure in the sport with 82 PGA Tour wins.

Although Rahm may have been apprehensive about not receiving a response from the American legend, he will be gratified to learn that both him and CEO’s of PGA are cooperating on an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) which would enable participants within the rebel league to reintegrate into their previous circuit.

“At this month’s Genesis Invitational, Woods stated that we are currently exploring numerous pathways for potential returns.

As of now, there is no clear solution regarding the impact on players who have stayed versus those who have left and how we can improve our product in the future.”

“We’re currently exploring a range of ideas with varying degrees of differences and uncertainties about how they will manifest in the short-term, as well as in the longer run.

Rest assured that we are constantly communicating through daily and weekly emails to discuss our plans for future tours.”

Rahm, the Masters champion who made a move at the end of 2023, expressed his desire to participate in all three tours – LIV Golf, PGA Tour and DP World Tour.

Despite existing differences between these tournaments, he hoped to compete in each one. “I am keen on retaining my status with both the PGA Tour and DP World Tours,” confirmed Rahm before receiving an American-based circuit ban shortly after.

I aspire to participate in both those tours, thanks to the liberty LIV has bestowed upon me. I am keen on featuring in select PGA Tour events provided my engagements permit. If feasible, I aim to manifest this desire into reality.