This is how Tiger Woods responded after being ridiculed by the golf course owner.

February 27, 2024

Without provocation, Clive Palmer – the proprietor of the golf course at Palmer Coolum Resort – turned on Tiger Woods and subjected him to ridicule and contempt.

Australian golf officials are becoming increasingly displeased with billionaire Clive Palmer due to his recent remark about Tiger Woods being emotionally unstable and setting a poor example for youngsters.

Palmer’s construction of a massive robotic dinosaur for the recent Australian PGA Championship appears to be overshadowed by even more peculiar choices he has made.

At present, there are current reports about his startling comments regarding golf icon Tiger Woods.

He is determined to continue advocating for the Australian PGA Championship’s location at Palmer Coolum Resort.

Palmer ridiculed the third-ranked golfer in the world and expressed his reluctance to have Woods participate in the Australian PGA Championship.

Palmer asserted that Tiger Woods is no longer the top-ranked golfer worldwide and questioned his necessity. Instead, he expressed a preference for champion Peter Senior over Woods and believes that on some occasions, Senior could outplay him. As opposed to dwelling in the past, Palmer suggests looking towards the future.

As soon as Palmer made his remarks, numerous American websites picked them up and it’s likely that Australia will have difficulty drawing in top golfers from around the globe.

It is uncertain if the mining billionaire’s actions are retaliatory or not, following disagreements with Australian golf officials regarding the upcoming PGA tournament organization.

According to multiple reports, the location of the Australian PGA may be changed from Palmer Coolum Resort due to unsuccessful negotiations. It has been speculated that as a form of retaliation against golf officials in Australia, resort owner Clive Palmer defamed golfer Tiger Woods – who has never participated in the tournament before.